The Future of Farming Systems
The year is 2050, in the past three decades the planet's population has increased almost 20 percent to 9.15 billion people. To keep up with increased demand and population, crop production has increased its yields accordingly to provide food for everyone. Farming has been scientifically transformed and taken to the next level. Our scientists have been working hard in the lab to create a healthier and better future for you and your loved ones. One traditional meal per day will be replaced by a meal supplement pill or gummy - delivered monthly and providing one supplement per day. Reducing one meal a day across the planet will help farms keep up with feeding the growing population. Enter "consume", the brand behind the idea makes replacement pills from healthy and balanced ingredients. Fast and processed foods are now a trend of the past, and your consume pills/gummies will help to wipe those taste buds and junk food cravings from your existence. Aiding brands similar to consume, are scientifically developed floating farms. They not only provide fresh food and promote healthier eating, but also work to minimize the travel distances for food and ultimately help to reduce earth's carbon footprint.
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